IWD 2022

PowerTalk Mentoring

IWD features a Power Talk Mentoring Program with mentees including local college students, emerging leaders from our sponsors, and community organization participants who will be joined by IWF member mentors. Mentors will share insights with mentees during this time in person at Georgia-Pacific, and moderated by Natosha Reid Rice.  

PowerTalk takes place following the International Women's Day annual event, and mentees are invited to participate in the full program followed by mentoring session.  Mentees have the opportunity to win an additional hour of mentoring by an IWF Georgia member at a future scheduled time. 

1)    To uplift and empower rising graduates and young professionals by meeting IWF mentors who are champions in their career.
2)    To provide an opportunity for IWF members to share their insight and advice with mentees to impact their professional decisions and life.
3)    To create an event for IWF Georgia where we can empower young women at a critical point in their lives before they join begin their professional journey.

IWD PowerTalk Moderator: 
Natosha Reid Rice is a mother, a wife, an ordained minister, inspirational speaker, life coach and attorney. She serves as the Associate General Counsel for Real Estate and Finance at Habitat for Humanity International managing financing programs and strategies to generate sources of capital that enable Habitat affiliates provide decent, affordable housing to families throughout the country. In addition, Natosha also serves as an Associate Pastor, Women’s Ministries at the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. 


“Conferences like the IWF event are important because often we do not have access to influential role models in our lives. It is amazing to have the opportunity to meet and learn from people who look like us and break barriers for us” — Taylor McNeil (Georgia State University, B.S. Computer Science student)

“We are constantly imagining our roles and shaping our social values through role models and social environment. IWF provides the resources, successful women leaders as role models, and a nurturing environment through the 2020 IWF Mentor-mentee Event. The forum deepened our social awareness and inspired more young professionals to be involved in the mission of protecting the rights and benefits of disadvantaged and minority groups.” — Fengjiao Cheryl Lin (Georgia State University, B.B.A. Managerial Science student)

IWD 2022 PowerTalk Co-chairs:

Soumaya Khalifa
President and CEO
Khalifa Consulting, Inc. and Instructor, Emory University

Monica Khant
Executive Director, Asian American Institute on Gender Based Violence

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A Hybrid Event Experience Hosted by Georgia-Pacific In Person and on Zoom


IWF Members:
in person or virtual

IWF Patron:
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$500 in person or virtual

In person - $75

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Jennifer Langley, IWF Georgia Forum Manager, jlangley@iwfgeorgia.org,

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